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Vespa Adventures Tours or Cruisers

VespAround invites you to enjoy the bay of Naples in an incredible way!!!

Discover marvelous places with the best two wheels ride of your life!

We organize tailor made guided tours for singles, couples, cruisers and little groups on modern or vintage vespas!

  VespAround - Marina Piccola - 80067 Sorrento (Na) Italy -  - Legal Policy - p.iva 04844010654

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Choose your Vespa tour!

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Live again the scenes of unforgettable movies!

..And so the vespa was born..

Your best guide! Site full of historical, artistic information and descriptions of the best places to visit in Campania. Trust us! Let us organize your trip!

  VespAround - Marina Piccola - 80067 Sorrento (Na) Italy -  - Legal Policy - p.iva 04844010654

We organize tailor made VESPA TOURS for individuals or groups.

The drivers (one each customer) with their Vespas will pick you up at your Hotel, accommodation, or any other agreed meeting place. You’ll sit behind the drivers and then they’ll bring you around for the duration of the tour. One of the drivers is a licensed tour guide and he’ll give you explanations about the monuments and sites that you will see along the route.

At the end of the day you will be dropped of at the starting point.

We go around at maximum speed Of 40 KM/H in total safety with our experienced drivers.



Tours with fiat 500 or a beetle