Sorrento - pompeii

Sorrento offers tourists a charming taste of Italy. The cliff top town is a picturesque place to pass a nice holiday. Sorrento wears its history on its sleeve, hosting on its shores a number of different domains, whose wealthy saw the area as a perfect seaside playground. Roman emperors built vacation homes here, and the attractiveness carried since the 18th century when Europe's literati came here on their Grand Tours. Today, Sorrento continues to be a popular tourist destination. You must do a day trips to Sorrento's more famous neighbor.

A tour of the ruined city of Pompeii lets visitors experience how ancient Romans lived, worked and played. This ancient Roman town was buried in 79 ad when Mt. Vesuvius (a still-active volcano) erupted. Pompeii is considered to be one of the few sites where an ancient city has been preserved in detail. It is a walking site and strolling around with our archaeologist-guide you’ll have the sense to be in a still alive ancient Roman city. It’s a Unesco World Heritage Site.


this is a very panoramic ride passing along the towns of Meta, Piano, Vico equense and the city of Castellammare di Stabia lying on the enchanting Sorrento Coast!

Sorrento: Marina Piccola, the Tasso square, Dome, Belvedere (panoramic gardens), historical alleys

Pompeii: Forum markets, thermal baths, plaster casts, brothel, bakery, Faun’s house, temples, frescoes and much more..


whole day tour about 7 hours

250 per person + 90 €*guided tour of pompeii

*to be shared among the participants

we pick you up drop you off at your accommodation

Sorrento tour (1 h) - transfer to Pompeii (45 min) - Pompeii guided tour (2 h) - pizza break (1h) - back to Sorrento (45 min)

tours on the other way round are possible!

We organize guided tours for singles, couples and groups on modern or vintage vespas!

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with a vespa or on board of a legendary 500 OR A beetle!500_%26_Beetle.html

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The route is about 
50 km/30 miles
with pick up and drop off in Sorrento.