Naples is a brilliant city on Italy’s southwest cost; it’s a mishmash of architectural styles, with elegant 18th-century palazzos, castles and wonderful churches. The atmosphere is definitely an oft-crazy, oft-delightful mixture of energies. The city has a plenty of traditional cafes, trattorias and historical pizzerias (Notice that pizza was born here!).

Try to make time to venture into the helter-skelter world of Naples. The city, settled by the ancient Greeks, was at one time the capital of southern Italy. Throughout the centuries romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and Spanish bourbons also settled here...

You really haven’t seen all of Italy if you haven’t experience Naples!

“One you have seen Naples, your life is complete!”


    Whole day tour about 7 hour (250 per person)

Naples tour (3 h) - pizza break (1h) - museum tour with our archaeologist-guide(2 h)

    Half day tour: about 3,5 hour (170 per person)

we pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation

Highlights: Angevin castle, San Carlo theatre, Umberto i gallery, Royal palace, Plebiscito square, Corso Vittorio Emanuele (panorama), Historical park, Posillipo (panorama), seafront, Castle dell’ovo, Seaside suburb, old town alleys with churches, St. Gennaro Cathedral, Street of the nativity scene makers and much more…

We organize guided tours for singles, couples and groups on modern or vintage vespas!

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The route is about 
20 km/12miles