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is a brilliant city on Italy’s southwest cost; it’s a mishmash of architectural styles, with elegant 18th-century palazzos, castles, and wonderful churches. The atmosphere is definitely an oft-crazy, oft-delightful mixture of energies. The city has a plenty of traditional cafes...

lies about 13 miles southeast of Naples. This ancient Roman town was buried in 79 ad when Mt. Vesuvius (a still-active volcano) erupted. Pompeii is considered to be one of the few sites where an ancient city has been preserved in detail. It is a walking site...

is best known for its eruption in Roman times described by Pliny the younger, when Pompeii and Herculaneum were engulfed. The eruption left a large crater that can still be visited today. It is a currently latent volcano whose last eruption happened in the 1944...

offers tourists a charming taste of Italy. The cliff top town is a picturesque place to pass a nice holiday. Sorrento wears its history on its sleeve, hosting on its shores a number of different domains, whose wealthy saw the area as a perfect seaside playground...

‘s origin dates back to the first century A.C. when the Romans built luxurious villas in this area. In the middle age Amalfi became advanced and well-developed community, owned a powerful fleet of ships...

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